Appendix Surgery, Removal and Recovery

Appendix surgery is a procedure that is often done in order to remove the appendix from an individual that is suffering from appendicitis. It is very important to remove the appendix before it ruptures and spreads the infection throughout the body. It may take some time for a doctor to determine that he or she wants to do appendix removal surgery. However, once this decision is made, there are a few different ways that the appendix can be removed from the body.

appendix surgery recovery, appendix removal surgery

The first method of appendix surgery that may be used is called laparoscopic surgery. This surgery is done by make a few small incisions in order to get to the appendix and remove it. Traditional surgery is called laparotomy. This surgery is done by making one large incision as opposed to several small ones. Most doctors are not able to agree on which type of surgery is best. However, both of them are successful for removing the appendix. Therefore, it simply depends on the individual doctor and which procedure he or she feels is the best. Individuals can always ask their doctor which type will be performed before the surgery takes place.

Appendix surgery recovery will depend on the situation before the surgery took place. For example, if the appendix did rupture then an individual will need to remain in the hospital for a little bit longer. This individual will need to have IV antibiotics in order to help fight any infections that may have spread when the rupture took place. A drain may also be put into the incision in order to allow any infections to drain out of the wound. This drain will need to remain in the incision until the pus has finished draining from the area. This helps to ensure that the infection has left the body.

Appendix surgery recovery is generally a lot faster if the appendix did not rupture. Most individuals will be offered clear liquids the day after the surgery. As the person begins to tolerate liquids, solid foods are often introduced. The IV may then be removed from the individual as well. Most of the time, the hospital staff will start working with the patient to help him or her get out of bed and moving shortly after the surgery has taken place. Pain medications may be given to help the person deal with the pain from the incision that was made. When the person returns home, he or she will need to keep an eye on the incision in order to ensure that it does not appear to be infected. This person should also avoid lifting heavy objects for a few weeks following the appendix surgery.

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